Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography
by Danielle Lancaster from Bluedog Photography

Lenses: long lenses for a compressed DOF
Wider lenses for a more dramatic portrait but the can distort the scene or the subject
The choice comes really comes down to what sort of portrait photography you wish to do.
My two favourite words are it depends.
In each of the images below the subject and photographer have stayed in the same place and distant – all that has changed is the focal length. This show how choosing a lens is important for what you wish to achieve.
f:8 18mm at 200mm               f:8 18mm at 18mm    

To Blur a background:
Use a large aperture (small number)
A longer focal length (the longer the more blur)
Move your subject away from the background
Other Accessories:
Lens hood
Polariser filter
Reflectors and diffusers
Cable release/remote (only in some situations)

Get off Auto – even P mode and keep the ISO as low as you can. I suggest 200.
Watch that shutter speed!

Always have the eye closest to the camera sharp.

Look at the light.
Know how to use your flash – it is another tool in our kits.
Backgrounds should complement not compete with your subject.
Separate your subjects head and shoulders from other objects like the horizon.
Become a people’s person – communicate with your subject.
Do a variety of shots.
Alter your perspective.
Add props – make sure they are relevant.
Shoot vertically, horizontally and on an angle.
Be prepared for the unexpected!

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