Sunday, 24 November 2013

Create a Photo Book

by Wendy

Photobooks give you another level to your photography.

If you do a little planning it makes the process incredibly easy. My advice is to save the actual making of the book until the end and by that I mean after you've sorted and edited all your photos. And you are at the point that you could send them to the lab for printing. Put the photos in a folder named appropriately.

Shooting for a book
When you are taking photos for a photobook have in mind taking support shots that help tell a story.

Starting your book
There are many Photobooks out there. I have chosen PhotobookClub for the price, quality and good prints.

Other products are Blurb, Momento, XBook, etc. Xbook has oodles of quotations in their text box.


Download Photobook at
Double click on icon
Update as asked
Choose NEW
Choose Photobook,  click next
Choose 20x20 if this is your first photobook

Import Pictures

Go to left column, click on + below pictures
Click on  folder containing edited pictures ( you can add individual edited pictures later)

Page Styles.  Backgrounds

Open at pages 2 and 3.  I leave page1 and cover to later
Click on page style and drag chosen one on. It is important that these 2 pages match in backgrounds.
Add a photo as background or go to right column and click on page and    choose a colour or go to backgrounds and choose one of them.
Click on first box on right and you can change the shape, add a border, change opacity of border and add a vignette to frame. Make sure your picture you are working is highlighted
If photo has a small yellow triangle it can not be guaranteed to print

A text box can be obtained 2 ways.
Go to Insert at top of page or choose + Aa
Drag text box to where you want it and change to rectangular shape
Double click in text box
Go to right column and clink on T and choose a font and size - 48 is good size
Add outline to text choosing any colour
At the bottom of the right column one can justify text

Scrapbook Tool

Click on scrapbook tool
Drag onto page
These items can be flipped, changed in size, moved around and given a
one can add to this collection - photos and objects one can buy online

Dust Jackets
These are available at extra cost when you are ordering
Go to file and save
Check project
Upload or save to USB stick.